How Merkel’s Germany dominates the EU

Germany’s share of the Single Market is FOUR TIMES that of the UK


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Germany also has more than DOUBLE the share of World exports, compared to the UK

Yesterday Boris Johnson had dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In this report we show how Germany is dominating in the EU and why it has no desire to change the rules.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Exports within the Single Market

  • Germany has 22% of total EU exports within the Single Market – UK has only 5.5%
  • Germany is No.1 by a very large margin
  • Germany’s share of sales within the Single Market is FOUR times that of the UK
  • The UK is in SEVENTH place, beaten by Spain and just ahead of Poland

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Source: Official Eurostat data for 2018

Exports to the rest of the World

  • Germany has 28% of the EU’s total global exports - UK has 11.1%
  • Germany is No.1 by a very large margin
  • Germany’s share of exports outside the EU is more than DOUBLE that of the UK
  • The UK is in second place, but far behind Germany

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Source: Official Eurostat data for 2018

Deutschland, Deutschland über alles

In the press conference following their meeting in Berlin yesterday, Angela Merkel confirmed that she had given the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister 30 days to come up with fresh proposals for avoiding the Backstop imposed by the EU.

Critically Frau Merkel showed little signs of wishing to modify any of the other aspects of the surrender treaty (known as the Withdrawal Agreement) which Mrs May and her Remainer civil servants provisionally agreed with the EU. The removal of the Backstop is only one part of the much larger problem.


Germany’s economy may be stumbling, but it remains the dominant economic force in the EU. The charts above show how much it is benefiting from its EU membership, particularly in relation to the Single Market.

Conversely there’s the UK – the fifth largest economy in the World – which is languishing in seventh place in terms of sales to the rest of the EU.

The UK is even behind Spain, which has an economy almost exactly half the size of the United Kingdom’s. Mercifully the UK beats Poland which is in eighth place in the EU’s rankings. Poland has an economy one-fifth of the size of the United Kingdom’s.

In terms of global exports the UK does better, but not in comparison to Germany. In very broad terms, Germany has over one-fifth of the EU market, compared to a miserly 5.5% for the UK. When you have such a large base of ‘the captive market’, it’s easier to leverage production and sell more outside the EU too.

Remainer politicians are forever going on about “the benefits of the Single Market”. We suggest they might add “for Germany” at the end of their sentences.

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 22 Aug 2019

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