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Heading:                  EU BANS CLEAN UNDERWEAR
Sub-Heading:           EU Commission announces underwear must be re-used for 3 days
'Soundbite':              'EU now makes us wear the same undies for at least 3 days'
Main Article:

The EU Commission has just issued a Directive under its 'Cleaner Europe Policy'. The Commission website says: "This has been widely welcomed, in the necessary drive to reduce energy consumption throughout the EU now that Russia has cut off its gas pipeline to Germany."
  1. EU Directive 1234/56789 states "EU citizens must now re-use their underwear for 3 days."
  2. German and French washing machine manufacturers have welcomed the move. Having had advance notice, all their new models comply with the new requirement to have a "3-day wash" programme.
  3. No UK-manufactured washing machines comply with the new regulation.
  4. Commenting, EU President Jean-Claude Juncker said: "We knew the people of Europe would support this, so fortunately it wasn't necessary to ask them."
  5. In the UK, the Green Party said it represented "No change for our climate change conscious members". Nigel Farage commented "Well, it's all just typical EU pants, isn't it?" and Boris Johnson told the BBC's Andrew Marr "Good gracious, is this true? I hope thongs are excluded?"
Sources:   EU Commission Directive 1234/56789. Washing Machine Manufacturers Association Press Release 01 April. Green Party Press Release. BBC Andrew Marr interview.
Facts4eu.org is a group of individuals with a mission to inform those who are considering a vote to leave the EU. Currently we receive no external funding and are not affiliated to any Leave campaign - although we are seeking support!

We would love to crowd-source as much as possible, provided people can keep to the simple guidelines that we must always quote our sources for any facts we provide.

Right now we need people who could produce a rough 'fact box', on any pro-Brexit topic. We try to avoid opinions and really just need facts about a Brexit subject, in a bullet-pointed way.
Please contact the Editors.

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Facts4eu.org is a not-for-profit site, non party-political, and not connected to any Leave campaign.
We are neither rich nor famous and we're all volunteers.
We present facts we've researched from official government and EU sources.

We have 2 main aims:
1.  To give voters bullet-pointed and factual summaries of key points, to help people to decide how to vote.
2.  Crucially, to allow MPs and Leave campaigners to give reliable and consistent facts to the voting public.
Please don't hesitate to contact the Editors if you can volunteer in some way, or if you can support us financially.
NEUTRALITY:    Facts4eu.org focuses on information which shows that the UK is better off regaining its independence and growing globally. The entire weight of the Establishment is promoting the opposite case, so this site is just one small voice trying to redress the balance.

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