Is this woman now so bitter, she would turn Scotland into a 3rd world country?

Facts4EU.Org begins a short series of enlightening factual reports about Scotland, the Union, and the EU

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Years of SNP brainwashing must be countered – the Scottish people must be told the truth NOW
A Facts4EU.Org editorial

The economics, the politics, and all the societal norms of a developed and democratic country are now in a desperate state north of the border. Scotland teeters on a totalitarian brink, and yet neither the Unionist Scots nor the UK Government seem ready for the fight.

With the elections for the new Scottish Parliament at Holyrood only 10 weeks away, Brexit Facts4EU.Org is starting a short, occasional series of reports. We are publishing the first of these tomorrow.


"Nicola, why won’t you tell your voters
who really buys from Scotland?"

These reports are intended to highlight some key issues and inform Scottish voters as well as the wider British and international publics, with well-researched official facts.

We would very much welcome donations from everyone who believes that: the United Kingdom is stronger than the sum of its parts and that the EU must not be allowed to destroy this; that freedom of speech and expression is an essential part of free and fair elections; and that the truth based on official facts is essential in order for voters to make informed decisions before voting for their elected representatives.

If we sacrifice any of the principles which our ancestors fought for and won for us, these will be very difficult to win back after we’ve let them go. Please help us to shine a bright beacon of light on some key issues, while we still can.

There should be no place for the politics of bitterness, hate, and spite

Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP government have constantly found time - during the turbulence and the abuses of process taking place in the Salmond crisis – to praise the EU and criticise Brexit. We have even seen the rule about not flying the Union Jack being rigorously imposed, while Ms Sturgeon and her colleagues have flagrantly and provocatively deemed the EU flag to be the one which should fly alongside the Saltire.

For the SNP government to dictate that public buildings shall fly the flag of a foreign power – a Union of which it is no longer a member - and yet to ban the flag of the Union of which it is in fact a member? In our view this is extraordinary, delusional behaviour, conceived out of bitterness, hate, and spite.


It is high time that someone started speaking up for the Union and backing the rhetoric with facts which the SNP government would rather were not promoted.

Ahead of the Holyrood elections, Facts4EU.Org intends to continue to publish occasional reports highlighting some basic facts regarding Scotland, its relationship with the rest of the UK, and the fanciful SNP notion that an independent Scotland would be warmly welcomed into the EU.

Our report tomorrow is a belter, and is not to be missed!

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Fri 26 Feb 2021

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