Brexit "Brexit Battle Pack" - Part 5:

Democracy - It's a Numbers Game


PLEASE NOTE: This action pack was written in 2018 but the same principles apply today. To see the latest factsheets which you may wish to incorporate, please click here.

What we are aiming to do with this Battle Pack is to inspire hundreds of thousands of ordinary people – including some who voted Remain but who respect democracy – to make their voices heard. Let's face it, we're all a bit lazy about this kind of thing, or we're just too busy. We might turn to a friend, wife, husband or partner and say something, but what good does that do? Things are now getting desperate and desperate measures are required. This means making a commitment. It means you saying to yourself "Yes, they're right, I should do something. My voice is being ignored and I can't trust MPs to respect the vote."

Do One Thing

We know the Brexit Battle Pack is a long read. However we needed to say a lot to ensure that whatever you do, it will be as effective as possible.

We urge all readers to pick up at least one of the ideas above and actually run with it. Obviously, the more you can do, the better, but why not at least commit to doing one thing?

This Brexit Facts4EU.Org initiative may not be perfect, it certainly doesn't include everything and we'll be adding to it, but at least we've taken a stand.

We've proposed practical ways you can make a difference and help to ensure we get a true, clean Brexit.

To the cynics, all we can say is you exist in every walk of life. It's not clever to pick holes. We can all do that. Why allow MPs and the media to think they can get away with some absurd, fudged pretence of a Brexit – or indeed no Brexit at all – without a fight?

And remember, a recent Brexit vote in the Commons was won by just 4 votes. Your efforts don't have to influence everyone in order to make a huge difference.

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